AquaCheck Series
All Nature Liquid Phase
Co-enzymatic Wastewater
Treatment Enhancers
ABS 182Plus Liquid Phase Microbial Enhancer: is a blended of proprietary
formulation of over 25 active ingredients are derived from three distinctive biological
elixir groups:
•        Bio Catalysts
•        Secondary Metabolites (Biological Extracts)
•        Amino Acids, Co-Enzymes, Purine and Pyrimidine.Trace Minerals
•        Polysaccharides, Macronutrients, Micronutrients, ALS

To accelerate the bioactivities by the resident beneficial facultative bacteria and
suppress sulfide forming bacteria to increase the treatabilities of any wastewater
treatment system Addition of ABS-182Plus the biological pathways are no longer
inhibited for lack of essentials. The accelerated action of the natural bacteria results
in speedy degradation of the waste and the sludge itself into innocuous by products.
AquaCheck Series are made in Hong Kong
according to GMP criteria and USEPA 40
CFR152.25 (a) EPA#63838-1 Equivalent; and
21CFR 178.1010 Equivalent
All ABS Treatment Formulations does not contain Hormone, Bacteria, Steroid, Antibiotic,
Humic Acid to further threatening aquatic lives from fish,vegetation, soil, microbes,
beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria population
What's New: The Original Vacuum Sludge Dewatering System

The (VSDB) Vacuum De-watering Bed uses a simple, efficient and cost effective
technology. It has become the system of choice for many sludge de-watering
application throughout the world. It accomplishes rapid de-water of most type of
municipal waste and water treatment sludge, as well as a variety of industrial
The Vacuum Sludge De-watering Bed System combines the overall simplicity of
conventional sand bads with the faster handling of sludge associated with
mechanical systems. For most sludge, the result can be a lift-able cake suitable for
handling within 24 hours.VSDB system incorporates versatile and efficient
operation, low transportation, labor, maintenance, energy, cost and over cost.
ABS 181 Liquid Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Enhancer, once added to 50%,
30% Hydrogen Peroxide it will became the most powerful environmental
friendly and economical oxidizer to reduce filamentous, control odor, bod, cod,
tss, cyanide, voc nitrogen oxides (nox) dechlorination, arsenic, prevent
blockage of sewer leach lines.
If recession gobbled up your budget; the ABS
wastewater treatment enhancer series are noteworthy
for following reasons of:
  • ABS Enhancers are board spectrum additives which can adapt to
    almost any wastewater treatment system with ease.
  • Once the ABS Enhancers Unleashed  to any  wastewater treatment
    head works, it  will immediately eradicate the incoming BOB, COD,
    Fat/Oil/Grease, TSS, Odor, VOC, Sludge and regulate de-oxygenation
    and re-oxygenation save on Chemicals cost, Polymer cost,
    Electricity cost, Sludge handling cost and Corrosion control cost.
  • The Price: ABS 181-Hydrogen Peroxide Enhancer; Price: US$6.50 per
    bottle, dilute to 30 Liter of 50% or 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, the overall
    dosing range are 2 – 6 lbs/lbs of H2S, BOD, COD, SST, VOC, Odor,
    sludge control and corrosion control.  
  • ABS-182Plus-Microbial Enhancer Price: US$6.50 per L, each liter can
    dilute to 1000Ls or 2000Ls of working solution depends on
    application, overall dosing range are: 60 – 250ppm of the diluted
    working reagent.
  • Our World Wide: Just-in-Time Inventory Services: could help you
    budget allocation and protect the unexpected dollars fluctuation.
  • P.S.: Hydrogen Peroxide is not provided with ABS-181 and ABS-183.
Our Happy Client's Achievements
ABS Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited is the worldwide water and
wastewater treatment company providing the most comprehensive
water treatment systems and services for industrial, institutional
and municipal customers. The company is comprised of two
business groups: Water & Wastewater Systems, Water,
Wastewater Services and Treatment Additives Manufacturer ...
All ABS-Product Formulations are prescribed in Hong Kong and
concurrently manufacture in Hong Kong and USA. All ABS-Product
contains a proprietary blend of non-abusive edible ingredients, all of
which are biodegradable and totally safe for humans, animals, fish, and
the environment. All materials used are non-listed in USA DOT and
EPA-TSCA hazardous material inventories, the raw materials are from
ISO-9002 Certified Suppliers to ensure consistency and precision in all
of our products to optimize the product performance,