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All ABS Products are USEPA 40 CFR152.25 (a)
EPA#63838-1 Equivalent; 21CFR 178.1010
Equivalent;FAO/WHO Expert Committee C.O.E. No.10;
FEMA No.2799, JECFA No.99 Equivalent.
Products Are Manufactured Under USA GMP
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In-situ Applications Field Study Reference:

  • Sewer Odor/Septicity Control and Sewer Cleaning Field Trials consisted
    of 20 hotels and 5 mega shopping malls attempting to replace the various
    traditional mechanical sewer cleaning methods in Hong Kong from 2000-
    2001 trails were a huge success  to replace the tradition water jetting
    sewer cleaning  method in terms of effectiveness and economical

  • Sewer Odor/Septicity Control and Sewer Cleaning Field Trial for
    Municipal Wastewater Stormwater Sewer Conveyance Lines consists of
    two(2) 2.5Km in length x 10 meter wide and 4.5Km in length x 10 meter
    wide combined urban raw sewage and stormwater conduits in City of
    Fuzhou and one(1) 30,000 metric tons Municipal Wastewater Treatment
    Plant in Beijing, China in 2002-2003. The trials were successfully to
    replace the tradition of “Flushing” Sewer Cleaning Methods.

  • Hong Kong adopting the present invention formulations to a “total
    enclosed, pressurized 7.5Km in length and 2000 mm diameter; carrying
    35,000 metric tons daily flow-rate” urban/airport sewer conveyance line”
    remediation since the year of 2003

  • The 30 days trail proven the present invention formulations are qualified
    for international submarine discharge criteria and much more effective
    and economical than using combination of liquid oxygen plus 53%
    Calcium Nitrate Solution.

  • Three(3) 5000 metric tons of ultra high concentrated Municipal Landfill
    Wastewater Treatment Plants in Southern Taiwan adopt The Present
    Invention Formulation to replace the tradition mechanical jetting and
    flushing methods in 2003. The results indicated the present invention
    formulation did help to save up to >20% of their operation budget by
    reducing water and electricity consumption.  
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